2024 Nominations


Church Council 2024


Chairperson – Wade Shipman                                 

Secretary – 

Treasurer – Wayne Pressley                                   

Assistant Treasurer – Ann Stuedeman

Lay Leaders – Jeannine Parker

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference – Jeannine Parker

Alternate Lay Delegate  – 

Men’s Group – Herb Mason

Women’s Circle – Sandra Patterson                                  

Pastor – Clint McBroom

At-Large Members:
Jeanette Crain                      
Lynn Norwood
Kim Coan-Hancock                     
Wendi Bearden
Matt Hall                                         
Ida Turner
Ann Addeo                                       
 Will Tosch
Becky Segrest
Bill Patterson


Administrative Team Members:

    Trustees Chair – Jim McEwen            

    SPRC Chair – Tom Crain

    Finance Chair – Ray Kirby

    Endowment Chair – Jackie Golden

    Stewardship Chair – Bob Reed


Commit, Connect, Engage Team Members:

    Worship Team Coordinator – 

    Missions Coordinator – Deb Henning

    Family Food Ministries – 

    Shepherding Team – 

    Outreach/Faith Coordinator – Darryl Pendergrass


Non-voting Members:  church staff


Administrative Teams



Chairperson – Jim McEwen

Class of 2024* – Delmar McCaig, Alan Parker, Herbie Mason
Class of 2025* – Don Heacock, Leigh Ann Butler, Heather Weldon
Class of 2026* – Jim McEwen, Daryl Pendergrass, Cody Moore
*note: for Trustees, only those within the three classes are voting members

Ex Officio:  Pastor

Invited Ex Officio:  Lay Leader, Church Council Chair, SPRC Chair, Finance Committee Chair, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Endowment Team Chair


Buildings and Grounds Committee – 

ParsonageLeigh Anne Butler, Becky Segrest                              

Church – Herb Mason                                        

Rental Properties –  


*note: only those within the three classes are voting members



Chairperson – Tom Crain, Lu Missildine
Class of 2024 – Tom Crain, Beth Turner, Michael Butler                         
Class of 2025 – Laura Leigh Peters, Lu Missildine, Bob Reed
Class of 2026 – Sally Weaver, Susan Dragone, Don Bryant

Ex Officio:  Pastor, Lay Leader, Lay Delegate


Chairperson – Jackie Golden
Class of 2024 – Ruthanne McCaig, Pam Shipman
Class of 2025 – Marlon Johnson, Brian Ingram
Class of 2026 – Neil Martin, Angie Cook


Ex Officio:  Pastor, Finance Chair or Representative, Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer, Trustees Chair or Representative, Church Council Chair

Non-voting Members:  Financial Secretary and Local Church Tax Advisor






Chairperson – Ray Kirby


Members per par. 258.4 of the BOD:

    Pastor – Clint McBroom

    Church Council Chair – Wade Shipman        

    Trustees Chair – Jim McEwen

    SPRC Chair – Tom Crain

    Stewardship Chair – Bob Reed

    Treasurer – Wayne Pressley     

    Assistant Treasurer – Ann Stuedeman

    Lay Delegate to Annual Conference – Jeannine Parker

    Lay Leaders – Jeannine Parker & Amanda Glasscock
Non-voting Members:  Financial Secretary

At-Large Members of Finance:

    Class of 2025 – Delmar McCaig
    Class of 2026 – Breanna Felts
    Endowment Chair – Jackie Golden




Chairperson – Bob Reed
Class of 2024 – Kristina Pendergrass, Jimmy Turner
Class of 2025 – Dolores Reed, Robbie Glasscock
Class of 2026 – Liz Britt, Pam Shipman

Ex Officio:  Lay leader


Chairperson – Rev. Clint McBroom
Class of 2024 – Bob Reed, Heather Johnson, Anita McFaddin
Class of 2025 – Ann Stuedeman, Wendi Bearden, Camille Foshee
Class of 2026 – Becky Segrest, Sally Weaver, Jacque Martin

Ex-Officio:  Lay Leader


Ministry Teams


COMMIT  (Worship and Spiritual Disciplines)

    Worship Team Coordinator – Amanda Glasscock



CONNECT  (Small group ministries)

    Small Group Coordinator – Emily Bryant



ENGAGE  (Ministry teams)

    Missions Coordinator – Deb Henning

    Back Pack Ministries – Jeannine Parker

    Shepherding Team – 

    Outreach/Fatih Coordinator – Darryl Pendergrass