What to Expect
We hope you are warmly greeted upon arriving, and that your experience with us is a pleasant and welcoming one.  This page should help you anticipate, in part, what to expect when you come visit us for the first time in person.  
What Should I Expect at the 8:50 “Encounter” Service?
Our contemporary “Encounter” service features a live praise band, and is held in our Fellowship Hall.  The informal nature of this setting and the casual atmosphere of the service make it particularly appealing to those who are unfamiliar with very traditional church services.  Seating is on folding chairs, lighting is dimmed, words are projected on screens, and the live music provided by our “Encounter band” is a selection of contemporary praise music.
What Should I Expect at the 11:00 Traditional Service?
Our traditional service, held in the Sanctuary, is of a more formal and liturgical in nature.  Traditional hymns make up the bulk of the music, which is provided by piano, organ, a chancel choir, and occasionally handbell choirs or other special instrumentation.  The order of worship includes responsive readings, the Apostle’s Creed, Gloria Patri, the Lord’s Prayer, and a doxology.  Acolytes, altar flower, and candles help create a worshipful atmosphere.  
What Should I Wear?
You should wear what you feel comfortable wearing to a church service!  Although our contemporary service is more informal, and our traditional service is more formal, you will find members of our congregation dressing casually at both services, as well as decorously at both services.  We believe that everyone is invited to share in worship, and that style of dress should have no bearing on whether someone is welcomed or not.
What About Babies and Young Children?
We love babies and young children! We welcome them in our worship services, and hope they feel included in all aspects of our church life. We believe that an abundance of children and youth is a sign of a church’s growth and strength. Babies are welcome to be held by their parents during worship services, though a nursery is provided downstairs on the first floor for infants and children up to 3 years of age for those who wish to use it.
About halfway through either worship service, young children are invited up to the front to listen to a “Children’s Moment,” after which they may leave to go to “Children’s Church” for lessons and activities for the duration of the service, rather than stay for the sermon.  Children’s Church is offered for children aged 4 years – 2nd grade.  We feel children in 3rd grade and older benefit greatly from taking part in the entire worship service, including the sermon. 
Can I Take Part in Communion?
It is the belief of the Global Methodist Church that Holy Communion is Christ’s Table, and is therefore open to anyone who seeks a relationship with Him, and who is committed to a new life in Jesus Christ. This means that the bread and juice representing Jesus’ body and blood are offered to all.  At First Methodist Church of Tallassee, Communion is typically offered on the first Sunday of each month, in both worship services. and all who feel so led to partake are welcome to do so.
Where Should I Go?
This will depend when you arrive, and for which service.  On Sunday mornings, if you are joining us for our 8:50 am contemporary “Encounter” service in the Fellowship Hall, or for Sunday School at 10:00 am, you will enter the church through the side entrance (to the left of the building if you are facing the steps and front of the church).  If you prefer to try our 11:00 am traditional worship service, you are welcome to enter the sanctuary via the front steps, or go up the stairs immediately upon entering the side door.
What About Wheelchair Accessibility?
We offer two wheelchair-accessible ramps:  one leads to our side entrance (to the left of the church building if you are facing the front of the church); the other is at the rear of the building (to the left of the church playground).  In both cases, you will find yourself on the first floor.  Our Fellowship Hall (8:50 am contemporary “Encounter” service) is also on the first floor.  An elevator on the first floor will allow you to access the 2nd floor Sanctuary (11:00 am traditional service), as well as 2nd and 3rd floor Sunday School classrooms.
Explore the rest of our website to get an idea of the sorts of programs and ministries we offer for adults, youth, and children, as well as special events, small groups, Bible studies, and mission projects.  Please call our church office if you have any questions whatsoever:  334-283-2195.